Monday, 20 October 2008

Spotlight on: Oly


The fun loving, food loving source of mockery and comedy relief. He occasionally ends up with an important role and is a good friend of Eddie's. He has had a comic made all about him but that was cancelled halfway through because it was BAD.

That however, was proof that he is a very important character and in another comic: 'Eddy in France' (Possibly lost) he was one of the true main characters. These were his only successes however, because while he did feature in the battle of Westshite towers, he is usually insignificant.

[For now I'm trying to make this as nice as possible while exerting minimal effort. Don't have access to comics at the moment but you can see the news(in England) and search Google)]

What are the odds anyone actually reads this thing?


Eddy said...

@Connell. Deleted your post and put the image in my post.

Tom said...

Thats not nice Eddie but also i have Eddy in France in my collection, i will upload it at a later date.