Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Comics Will Never Come!

Well, not really.

As our artist+creative guy supplies the huge amount of people who read this blog with humour, I am deadly serious. So, here we go: Eddy and Tom in text form.
Eddy: Hi Tom
Tom: Hi Eddy [Hits Eddy]
Eddy: Gee, I'm bored today.
[Enter Oly]:Hey, a flood is coming
[To Be Continued]


Connell said...

Hey Eddy that's wrong, Tom's not polite enough to actually answer you back. He'd hit you or something because your too happy.

Connell said...

your= you're. We like to keep our English well-written. Mistakes like that shall not be made again.

Anonymous said...

umm hi i'm just here for no reason
And if anyone says anything about me ill murder them
that's a good text form

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Eddy said...

Ok, that doesn't surprise me, anyaway, it has now been expanded, time to go and learn my Latin vocab.

Connell said...

when have you ever used the term "gee" eddy?

Anitaaaaaaa said...

Nice touch cept i don't think tom would actually hit SOMEONE but would get hit by THE someone. im confusing myself already and if i ain't confusing you then i think you are as strange as me! =] As you can see the English forms from slang to proper because I am BORED!