Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hallowe'en post number 3

Lastly for today, me as Yoda. (Or Joda!)

Hallowe'en post number 2

Here's Tom as Alex DeLarge, from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. (That's what eyes look like if they haven't seen light for 14 years)

Hallowe’en post number 1

Hi there! It's been a while since anyone posted anything, and seeing as All Hallows Eve is upon us, here are pictures of what the characters of Eddy and Tom dress up as on Hallowe'en.

First up, it's Eddy the Clown!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


I'm not dead, just busy.

EddynTom text form will be deleted on Monday as it is a pathetic excuse for a post. I will only spare it if Connell wants to continue it (which I doubt) or I get at least 5 comments asking me to continue it.

Some grammar+punctuation has been updated in earlier posts and the 'TOP SECRET PROJECT' is almost done.

Update: OVER.

Not on my nelly it ain't. New banner soon from our artist+creative guy.
By the way, our faithful readers, I ask you. Should Tom become an author?

He's so cool!

It's Eddie's brother! The best Brawl player ever!

Oly at the swimming baths

First post in, ages. Oly decided that birthday parties and animals weren't his thing, so he tried his hand at diving instead. I suggest you clicky.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Oly at the Pet Shop

Oly spots a dog he likes in the Pet Shop

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lions, and Tigers and,wait, Chavs?!

Ah, yes the humble (or not so humble) Chav.Latin name Homo Sapien Brapbrapius. Their behaviour mimics a simpler time, when prehistoric man hunted with rocks and lived in caves. Here's a picture of one, chief of the district chav tribe, his name translated into English is Chris, we'll call him Chrischav. Chavs played an important role during the Battle Of Westshite Towers. Many were present to protect their home, but soon retreated. They were later all killed by Eddy's Dad for unknown reasons. Martin and Hannah have been known to use them as henchmen due to their low intelligence and violent attitudes, but after the battle of Westshite Towers surviving Chavs have hardly been seen in the Eddy and Tom Universe, if there were any survivors at all.

The Comics Will Never Come!

Well, not really.

As our artist+creative guy supplies the huge amount of people who read this blog with humour, I am deadly serious. So, here we go: Eddy and Tom in text form.
Eddy: Hi Tom
Tom: Hi Eddy [Hits Eddy]
Eddy: Gee, I'm bored today.
[Enter Oly]:Hey, a flood is coming
[To Be Continued]

Guess What? It's Oly's Birthday Party!

Click For Bigger Image

Monday, 20 October 2008

Spotlight on: Oly


The fun loving, food loving source of mockery and comedy relief. He occasionally ends up with an important role and is a good friend of Eddie's. He has had a comic made all about him but that was cancelled halfway through because it was BAD.

That however, was proof that he is a very important character and in another comic: 'Eddy in France' (Possibly lost) he was one of the true main characters. These were his only successes however, because while he did feature in the battle of Westshite towers, he is usually insignificant.

[For now I'm trying to make this as nice as possible while exerting minimal effort. Don't have access to comics at the moment but you can see the news(in England) and search Google)]

What are the odds anyone actually reads this thing?

Spotlight On: Martin

Like I said, he's everyone's favourite racist facist sexist, possibly homophobic, basoon playing table tennis star. And he enjoys it. There's not a line this guy will cross, no ethics he'll stomp on, no human rights he'll voilate, you get the picture. Such racism should not be catalogued on a family blog such as this one, so finding out what he gets up to in his spare time will be tricky. The character made his debut in the Martin Potter series, he proved so popular that he intergrated into the main cast and it was not long befor he became a star! He is currently working a deal with all the top directors who want to turn his success story into a feature length film, so get set for Martin: The Movie in 2010!

Spotlight On: Tom

Here he is: Tom. All in all, an unpleasant fellow who is surprisingly violent for someone of the emo species. This was the general opinion of Tom before his noble sacrifice at the Battle of Westshite Towers. He detonated Martin's Bomb to destroy him and his evil for good. Eddy and the gang could not find his body amongst the charred ruins of the council flats, nor the bodies of Hannah or Martin. It was very suspicious indeed. He is possibly survived through his and Hannah's children who we know were not at the Battle of Westshite Towers.

Rest In Peace Tom.

Next Up: Martin

Spotlight On: Eddy

He's the poster boy of the series, and he's all too happy about it, he's Eddy! His iconic smile and good nature balance out Tom's frowns and violence.Eddy has been diagnosed something only described as "Crazy Eddy Syndrome" It was first thought that he was the only person with this, but upon discovery of his Father it is possible that this Syndrome is passed on through the Eddy family.
Medical history aside, Eddy is one of the most important characters in the series and arguably the most recognisable.

Should he die, the world would be flung into unimaginable chaos.

Next Up: Tom

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Right. Hello, my name is Joe and I draw the Eddie (Eddy?) and Tom comics. Theres me there!
Eddy innacurately claimed that his character is an exaggeration of himself, when actually he really is that happy all the time. I'm a fairly minor character compared to the star, Martin, everyones favourite racist facist sexist basoon playing table tennis star, but I get my time in the spotlight just like everyone else.
Till next time, readers!

Saturday, 18 October 2008


Eddy and Tom comics have been drawn for a while now. They are generally just shown to the friends of the artist but there is a chance that they can be uploaded to this blog. If not, it'll be discontinued.

They're about a group of school children (main characters: Eddy, Tom and others) who have many bizarre exploits. Each character is an exaggeration of a real person. For instance, I'm quite jolly compared to other people.

So, come back soon to maybe see some comics and below is a sample image of Eddy made in paint. (That's not what the comics look like but it was the only example on my computer).