Saturday, 29 November 2008

BIG wiki update.

Okay then. Here is my plan for a BIG wiki update.

1.Edit the Martine Page

2.Make an Eddy in France Page

3.Make a Sherlaw Manor page

4.Make the Main Character Pages longer

5.Delete irrelevant stuffs

6.Add category thingys and make the pages link up

Monday, 24 November 2008


Due to the apparent wrongness of the character roster here:
I decided to make an OFFICIAL list. I choose not to edit the current page as it gives me an excuse to post on the blog. Onward!

Eddy is : Mario, Samus (AND ZSS) Wario, Fox, King Dedede (King Ededy!) Solid Snake, Ike, Squirtle,Zelda and Sheik

Tom is: Luigi, Link (and his cat-eyed prozakified counterpart)Pit, Sonic, Wolf and Ivysaur

Martin is: Bowser, Ganon, Meta Knight, Pikachu and Mr G&W

Connell is: Ice Climbers,Pokemon Trainer, Yoshi, Ness and Falco

Daniel is: Captains Falcon and Olimar, plus Lucas

Pham is: Lucario

Oly is: Peach, Kirby, The Kongs and Charizard

Correct me if I'm missing any

Saturday, 15 November 2008

A new discovery!!

Today I discovered something amazing, I can still post.
This pleased me greatly.

Anyway, recently, there was a petition to bring Tom back in the Eddy and Tom comics, after his 'death'.

[SPOILERS] He was recently seen in a cryogenic chamber. [/SPOILERS]

However, it didn't get enough signatures so if there are a lot of comments requesting his reappearance, I'll ask Eddy (who's the master of everything) to ask Connell (the artist, as you know) to allow him to reappear.

Press 'Control-A' to view spoilers.

Your "New Editor-in-Chief" declares...

That I have been sad since Eddy left. Plus no-one has posted. Here are some new images.

Eddy2 and Josh

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I quit.

I made everyone else an admin and I would like it if no-one revokes each other but I am going to leave and stop caring for this.

I'm still the BIG BOSS on our wiki though, and that's my new focus.


But now there's no detail that can be seen.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Join the wiki

Yes everyone, our wiki is now up so join and please leave a comment.

I fixed the timestamp as it was 8 hours behind and please Eddy fix the banner. I would but i don't know how you got it there.

I will upload the comics in a while. I'm unable to at the moment because of the pencil recognition.

We have a wiki!

I'm sure that you really want something good after it took you an hour to scroll past that banner and you have.
It's this

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What a great banner.

It will be changed but as you should know, I'm very ammateuristic and I sort of like the MASSIVE Banner.

P.S: dear the kind wikia staff, please don't deny my request, as it would break my heart and I would be very sad. WE want Eddy and Tom comics to shine.

Who thinks Tom should be EXILED?

I do. He can't be bothered to post anything plus he's mean. Remember I'm the fun one. :D

I'm sure Eddy would agree.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Just an Idea...


HIi you haven't met me before but am I am Eddies EVIL TWIN BROTHER, but I'm nice, anyway here is a joke I once heard from the great Eddie: What did the bear say to the ant? (Stupid Legs Are Very Evil) Help me.

There is a secret message, find it and post it in the comments section. By the way, I'm the mysterious secret project Eddie used to talk about.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Teh Hallowe'en Special

The Hallowe'en Special was finished some time ago and seeing as my scanner hates me I'll give you loyal readers a run through of what happens.

Martinstein's Monster

Martin makes a monster. What more could you ask for?

Happy Man

Eddy Parker gets bitten by some genetically altered badgers and becomes the masked superhero Happy-Man! Animated series due some time next year.


Okay, say it like this: Nananananananana- NITRAM. Masked vigilante Nitram and his plucky sidekick Nightingale face villains such as the Puffin, The Fiddler and the Joeker.(Plus his less camp alter-ego Ledger Joeker)

Martin Potter Returns!

Lord Eddymort and the Button Eaters disguise themselves as, well, themselves to get into the Warthog's Hallowe'en ball.

When Zombies Attack

Someone close to Eddy and friends dabbles in Dark Magics and accidentally releases hordes of the undead on Eddy's school. Martin rallies the defence but will it be enough to stop them?

On another note, Wikipedia deleted an Eddy and Tom page about five seconds after it was made. I'm not too sad cos' I just saw an AWESOME episode of Merlin on BBC 1. MORDRED FEATURED!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's Bonfire Night!!!


Now then, seeing as I have no artistic talent I had to not try and be good, but I did come up with a great picture of Eddy afraid of fire.