Monday, 24 November 2008


Due to the apparent wrongness of the character roster here:
I decided to make an OFFICIAL list. I choose not to edit the current page as it gives me an excuse to post on the blog. Onward!

Eddy is : Mario, Samus (AND ZSS) Wario, Fox, King Dedede (King Ededy!) Solid Snake, Ike, Squirtle,Zelda and Sheik

Tom is: Luigi, Link (and his cat-eyed prozakified counterpart)Pit, Sonic, Wolf and Ivysaur

Martin is: Bowser, Ganon, Meta Knight, Pikachu and Mr G&W

Connell is: Ice Climbers,Pokemon Trainer, Yoshi, Ness and Falco

Daniel is: Captains Falcon and Olimar, plus Lucas

Pham is: Lucario

Oly is: Peach, Kirby, The Kongs and Charizard

Correct me if I'm missing any


Connell said...

I know that Jiggly isnt on that list but that's because the only person who can properly be him is Daniel but thats quite disturbing.

Anonymous said...

hey you missed out me being Marth.

Connell said...

Pham, the fire emblem characters don't work. All we know is that Eddy is Ike.

Tom said...

I am sonic, and eddie gave pham the position of fox. And either me or pham was marth. it said on the sheet.

Anitaa :D said...

Waa!Why Yuu Give Oly Kirby?! Yuu Are Disrespecting The Round Pink Thing. (Note: Kirby Is Cute As Well! Go Kirby's Final Move:D (Yuu Gotta Luv The Cooking Pot. Seriously)) :D