Saturday, 8 November 2008

Teh Hallowe'en Special

The Hallowe'en Special was finished some time ago and seeing as my scanner hates me I'll give you loyal readers a run through of what happens.

Martinstein's Monster

Martin makes a monster. What more could you ask for?

Happy Man

Eddy Parker gets bitten by some genetically altered badgers and becomes the masked superhero Happy-Man! Animated series due some time next year.


Okay, say it like this: Nananananananana- NITRAM. Masked vigilante Nitram and his plucky sidekick Nightingale face villains such as the Puffin, The Fiddler and the Joeker.(Plus his less camp alter-ego Ledger Joeker)

Martin Potter Returns!

Lord Eddymort and the Button Eaters disguise themselves as, well, themselves to get into the Warthog's Hallowe'en ball.

When Zombies Attack

Someone close to Eddy and friends dabbles in Dark Magics and accidentally releases hordes of the undead on Eddy's school. Martin rallies the defence but will it be enough to stop them?

On another note, Wikipedia deleted an Eddy and Tom page about five seconds after it was made. I'm not too sad cos' I just saw an AWESOME episode of Merlin on BBC 1. MORDRED FEATURED!!!


Connell said...

C'mon guys! Why does no one comment on my posts?

Eddy2 said...

Spell check next time. Yes, I'm now the donkey that has to do that.