Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lions, and Tigers and,wait, Chavs?!

Ah, yes the humble (or not so humble) Chav.Latin name Homo Sapien Brapbrapius. Their behaviour mimics a simpler time, when prehistoric man hunted with rocks and lived in caves. Here's a picture of one, chief of the district chav tribe, his name translated into English is Chris, we'll call him Chrischav. Chavs played an important role during the Battle Of Westshite Towers. Many were present to protect their home, but soon retreated. They were later all killed by Eddy's Dad for unknown reasons. Martin and Hannah have been known to use them as henchmen due to their low intelligence and violent attitudes, but after the battle of Westshite Towers surviving Chavs have hardly been seen in the Eddy and Tom Universe, if there were any survivors at all.


Anonymous said...

Harhar, I'm a chaz

Eddy said...

Nice post, not much about eddyntom specific chavs though.

Connell said...

so what? what specific chavs are there but chrischav and hobbit. And possibly tom's little brother.