Sunday, 19 October 2008

Right. Hello, my name is Joe and I draw the Eddie (Eddy?) and Tom comics. Theres me there!
Eddy innacurately claimed that his character is an exaggeration of himself, when actually he really is that happy all the time. I'm a fairly minor character compared to the star, Martin, everyones favourite racist facist sexist basoon playing table tennis star, but I get my time in the spotlight just like everyone else.
Till next time, readers!


Anonymous said...

LULWUT. Why post comics on the internet? Anyway, you haven't even posted any comics.

Anonymous said...

YOOPHOO lol guess who btw you up there^^^^^^^^^^ YOU CHAV!!!!1

Connell said...

Nice One Pham

Tim said...

joe why arn't i in a comic????????? i know where you live