Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I have some precognitive tendencies.

Get this. One of my comics I drew predicting something came true!

I drew it in Physics before I.T and what I had drawn came true in I.T.

See, Eddy was ill (oh no!) and had sick and unsick spells throughout Physics. Me, being the die hard coolio that I am, drew a comic dedicated to the sick Eddy. Though the comic didn't exactly depict what happened it was more accurate than http://heroeswiki.com/Isaac_Mendez 's 9th wonders crap. The bottom line is that the comic depicted Eddy being sick in I.T thats the bottom line therefore I am a "precog". Got it?

It's a shame that our blog has to result to lame stunts like this to pull readers. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

it twas more baby sick than real sick though. kind of a disappointment.